Even Republicans Are Telling Jeff Sessions He Needs to Stop Blocking Marijuana Research

Ever since taking office Attorney General Jeff Sessions has resisted approving applications to increase the number of organizations growing marijuana for the federal government's research into the drug. And now even Republicans are getting tired of it.

Members from Congress sent two different letters to Sessions on August 31st demanding he approve new applications to grow marijuana for research purposes. In August 2016, Sessions announced a new Department of Justice policy to increase the number of institutions growing marijuana for research purposes. However in the two years since, Sessions and the DOJ have done nothing to approve any applications, leaving the research process in limbo.

One letter said, "We write to encourage you to finalize your review of the submitted applications." That letter was signed by 15 members of Congress including Republicans Carlos Curbelo, Matt Gaetz, Dana Rohrabacher, Don Young, Tom Garrett (R–Va.) and Ryan Costello.

Another letter sent by Republican Senator Orrin Hatch and Democratic Senator Kamala Harris asked that Sessions respond to a separate letter they sent last spring demanding a timeline for when the applications would be approved.

According to Reason, members of Congress have sent at least 15 different letters to Sessions about the applications for new marijuana growers. None of them have been answered.

This guy just loves being on the wrong side of history.

(h/t Reason)


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