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8 Republicans Who Broke from the Party on Marijuana Legislation

The Republican Party tends to adopt the old-school philosophy that marijuana is evil and legalization will be the downfall of society. But there are a few members of the GOP who are wiling to speak out and break with the party on the issue. Here are eight of the most prominent Republicans who support marijuana.

8. Rep. Don Young (Alaska)

The Alaskan congressman is one of only four members of the Congressional Cannabis Caucus. He’s largely for all marijuana related matters, including medical use, allowing veterans access, de-scheduling the drug and keeping it a states’ rights issue.

7. Senator Bill Cassidy (Louisiana)

Cassidy is a former doctor who supports legalizing medical marijuana. He knows the medical benefits of the drug and sees the importance of allowing people to use it. While he still opposes recreational use, it’s a start.

6. Senator Steve Daines (Montana)

Daines once prominently supported a bill that would prevent the DEA from interfering with states with medical marijuana laws. He was only one of 49 Republicans to do so, but luckily Democrats joined in on the vote and allowed it to pass.

5. Senator Orrin Hatch (Utah)

Hatch may be one of the oldest members of Congress, but he’s recently stepped out as a pro-cannabis politician. He’s stated his support for medical marijuana and has worked hard to expand the federal government’s research for the drug.

4. Senator Lisa Murkowski (Alaska)

While Murkowski opposed Alaska’s decision to legalize recreational marijuana, she’s since defended the state’s laws ever since. When Attorney General Jeff Sessions reversed a policy protecting those laws, Murkowski was one of the first people to denounce him.

3. Senator Cory Gardner (Colorado)

Gardner’s another Republican who did not support his state’s decision to legalize cannabis, but has supported protecting the law ever since. He’s currently blocking the Department of Justice from receiving any new nominees until Sessions’ reverses his marijuana policies.

2. Senator Rand Paul (Kentucky)

Like his more-libertarian leaning father, Rand Paul is a pretty outspoken pro-marijuana Republican. He’s supported legalizing medical marijuana nationally, he’s denounced the War on Drugs and proposed sentencing reform and he believes the federal government should stay out of the state government’s business.

1. Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (California)

Rohrabacher is one of the stalwarts in Congress when it comes to marijuana. He’s the co-author of one of the most important pieces of legislation that prevents the federal government from interfering with states that legalize medical marijuana, and he’s passionately defends that law.


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