Republican Senator Tells Jeff Sessions DOJ Will Get No New Nominees Until Marijuana Order is Reversed

Many politicians have expressed displeasure over Attorney General Jeff Sessions' decision to rescind protections against prosecuting marijuana cases in legal states. But only a few are taking concrete action to punish him for his actions.

Republican Senator Cory Gardner told the media today that he's informed Sessions that the Department of Justice will not receive approvals for their nominees until the Attorney General changes his marijuana policy. Gardner, who represents the state of Colorado, threatened to do take this action last week in the immediate aftermath of Sessions' decision, and even publicly stated that the AG had lied to him about maintaining current policy earlier this year.

The reaction to Sessions' decision has been overwhelmingly negative. The few people supporting the decision have been very tepid in their responses, while those who oppose it are taking drastic actions, such as Gardner's announcement.

Considering how much criticism and pressure he's receiving from both political parties, it will be interesting to see how far Sessions is willing to take his anti-marijuana crusade. His decision has already made a member of his own party threaten to filibuster his nominees. That's really not something you see much in Washington. 

It sounds like Gardner's announcement was not supported by Republican leadership in the Senate, so he's even outright standing up to his own party in favor of marijuana rights.

(h/t Kasie DC)


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