Republican Leader in Congress Questions Jeff Sessions' Policy Towards Marijuana

A high-ranking member of Republican congressional leadership is finally coming out and questioning Attorney General Jeff Sessions' marijuana policy.

Cathy McMorris Rodgers, a Republican congresswoman from Washington, said she "leans against" Sessions' decision earlier this year to rescind the Cole Memo, a Department of Justice policy saying the federal government will not interfere with states that legalize marijuana. She also says marijuana "maybe" should be rescheduled by the federal government.

McMorris Rodgers is currently the head of the House Republican Conference, which helps select party leadership, approve committee assignments and other responsibilities. As head of the conference, she's the fourth highest ranking Republican in the House of Representatives.

However it's likely that McMorris Rodgers' comments are not quite authentic. Despite them, she's voted against protecting states with legalized recreational or medical marijuana nearly every time it's come to vote during her tenure in office. And on top of that, she's been part of the Republican leadership that's prevented marijuana bills from receiving votes in the House.

Her anti-marijuana views can't be very helpful in Washington, one of the first three states in America to legalize recreational marijuana. And her views may finally be catching up to her. McMorris Rodgers is currently in a tight electoral race that shows she's in a toss-up with Democrat Lisa Brown. In fact, just yesterday The Atlantic wrote that McMorris Rodgers is the most likely member of the Republican leadership who will not be re-elected this November.

So perhaps McMorris Rodgers is simply making these pro-marijuana comments as a way to prevent cannabis enthusiasts from voting against her this November.

How much do you want to bet if she gets re-elected that she'll go right back to doing nothing for marijuana?

(h/t Marijuana Moment)


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