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A Key Member of Republican Leadership Endorses Medical Marijuana Bill

While many politicians in both political parties support marijuana legalization, Congress has refused to allow any votes on bills related to the issue, mainly due to interference from Republican leadership. But now a high-ranking member of the GOP has endorsed a marijuana bill, perhaps signaling a change is in the air. 

Republican Congressman Bob Goodlatte announced, through a spokesperson, that he is supporting a bill that will simplify the process for medical marijuana research. Goodlatte is the head of the House Judiciary Committee, one of the more powerful committees that oversees federal agencies and law enforcement.

Of course, it should be noted this is about as tame of a marijuana bill as possible. The bill would basically only ensure that the DEA would not be able to interfere in marijuana research as much. It does nothing to protect states with medical or recreational laws currently.

But, it's still slightly good news for cannabis fans. Goodlatte is a fairly high-ranking Republican, and we've often seen politicians dip their toes into marijuana legalization before diving all the way in. So perhaps this could be a sign that Goodlatte is willing to evolve on the issue or that the Republican Party in general is willing to do so.

Just don't get too excited until we hear Mitch McConnell finally allow a vote on marijuana legalization.

(h/t The Hill)


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