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Major Republican Donors Chastise Jeff Sessions Over Marijuana

When Attorney General Jeff Sessions decided to rescind protections for states with legalized marijuana, many Republicans spoke out against him. But it turns out even some of the GOP's biggest donors aren't happy with his move either.

The Koch brothers, two of the biggest donors for the Republican Party, released a statement reiterating their support for legalized marijuana. Through a spokesperson, the Koch brothers said they support states making their own laws on the issue of marijuana as part of the 10th amendment, and directly criticized Sessions for his decision.

"That Attorney General Jeff Sessions, a Republican appointee in a Republican administration, is undoing a Democratic appointee’s work from a Democratic administration is irrelevant," the statement said. "Republicans and Democrats alike have criticized the decision, and for good reason: It does little to improve the lives of people in our communities."

Charles and David Koch are two of the most notorious Republican donors today. They're known for supporting more libertarian-leaning candidates, and were hugely influential in the growth of the "Tea Party" wing of the party.

The Republican Party has been divided on the marijuana issue for years, with the libertarian-leaning members supporting legalization efforts while the more social conservative wing support prohibition. But if the people signing the checks want the party to begin supporting cannabis, then suddenly they may change their tune.

(h/t Koch Newsroom)


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