A Republican, a Democrat and an Independent Smoke Weed Together While Talking Politics

You've probably had a conversation with one of a friend from college who majored in philosophy and smoked a lot of weed who said something like, "Man, if all the politicians just got in a room and smoked a bowl together, all of our problems would be solved!" And you couldn't argue against it because you had no evidence for or against it.

Well, the Cut is here to help figure out if marijuana can heal our political differences. The Cut is a YouTube channel behind such marijuana-related viral hits as "Grandmas Smoke Weed for the First Time" and its follow-up, "Grandpas Smoke Weed for the First Time."

For their latest video, the Cut found a Democrat, a Republican and an Independent, brought them together and made them smoke weed and talk politics.

Will getting high help unite our country? You'll just have to check out the video above to find out.


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