Republican Congressman Calls Jeff Sessions' Marijuana Policies a 'Witch Hunt'

After Attorney General Jeff Sessions decided to rescind a policy that protected states with legal marijuana, many politicians, including Republicans, spoke out against the move. But none may be more critical than that made by a Florida Republican.

Republican Congressman Carlos Curbelo spoke on the House floor to condemn Sessions' actions towards marijuana. In his speech, he referred to Sessions' policies as a "witch hunt" and said the move would actually help drug cartels and illegal cannabis dealers while hurting small businesses operating legally in their states.

Curbelo is a moderate when it comes to marijuana. While he's supported limited measures at expanding cannabis laws, such as allowing veterans to use the drug if it's legal in their state, he hasn't gone the full route towards supporting full legalization. The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) gives Curbelo a "B" grade when it comes to cannabis issues.

So the fact that a moderate Republican who isn't a full-on support of cannabis legalization would speak so critically of Sessions speaks volumes. The Attorney General hasn't just lost support for the pro-states rights wing of his party, but also from the fence-sitters who haven't previously taken a strong stand on the issue.

I'm starting to think Sessions' new policy may not be so popular.

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