Republican Congressman Takes Bus Full of Senior Citizens to Marijuana Dispensary

When politicians create photo ops, they usually go to some diner or elementary school or something like that to interact with us normal Joes. But one Republican decided to bring a bunch of old people to a marijuana dispensary instead.

Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher brought a bus full of senior citizens to a marijuana dispensary in California. Rohrabacher is one of the biggest champions of marijuana legalization in Congress, so taking the seniors to the dispensary is probably a way for him to remind voters of his previous support for cannabis related issues. 

Rohrabacher is currently in a tightly contested race for re-election in California's 48th congressional district. While Rohrabacher may be a champion of marijuana, he's also a close ally to President Donald Trump and also has documented ties to pro-Russian interests. Polls show Rohrabacher is in a dead heat against Democrat Harley Rouda for the seat.

And while Rohrabacher does have a long history of supporting marijuana issues, it may actually be better for cannabis advocates if he loses his seat, since it will help Democrats retake the majority in the House of Representatives. And since Republicans have done absolutely nothing to advance the cause of marijuana, putting the Democrats in charge will possibly help.

(h/t Marijuana Moment)


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