Republican Congressional Candidate Denies He Was Writing A Book About Bigfoot Sex

Virginia’s congressional race has taken an ugly turn after the public debate between Democratic candidate Leslie Cockburn and Republican Denver Riggleman has veered towards the topic of Bigfoot porn.

Cockburn has accused Riggleman of having a cryptozoological fetish after dredging up an Instagram post of his which featured a pencil drawing of a well-endowed Sasquatch claiming it was the cover art for his "Mating Habits of Bigfoot and Why Women Want Him" manuscript. She tweeted out the image, stating that he has "been exposed as a devotee of Bigfoot erotica." 

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Riggleman told The BBC that he was unaware that there even was a such thing as Bigfoot erotica, and warned that Cockburn’s condemnation could alienate the “pro-Bigfoot” vote.

This is not the first controversial accusation leveled towards Riggleman, he was also accused of supporting white supremacy after campaigning with white supremacist Isaac Smith. But, considering blatant racism is considered boilerplate policy for the Republican party nowadays, Cockburn is much more likely to draw attention with Bigfoot fetishism.

Riggleman has claimed that the post was intended to be an inside joke between him and his "military buddies."

Personally, we think he should have doubled down, as there is no authoritative text about the creature’s mating habits currently on the market. He may not win himself a seat on Capitol Hill, but there could be a Pulitzer somewhere down the line.


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