Rehab Clinic That Uses Marijuana to Help Kick Addictions No Longer Allows Smoking

A revolutionary rehab clinic in California that used marijuana to help patients kick their addictions is now adding a new wrinkle to their treatment: they'll no longer allow people to smoke it.

The rehab clinic High Sobriety in Los Angeles recently changed its policy to ban patients from smoking marijuana on their premises. The reason is simple: too much smoke. People complained that it was like "walking into a cloud of smoke." So to promote a more pleasing environment, the clinic decided to ban smokeable forms of cannabis. Patients will still be allowed to use cannabis oils, creams and edibles, although they won't be allowed to carry them around or take them home with them.

High Sobriety opened in Los Angeles last year. The founder of the clinic, Joe Schrank, said that "Abstinence-only drug education is about as effective as abstinence-only sex education," and therefore that's why he began giving his patients cannabis. And it's not just some new wave, hip thinking. There are several studies that show marijuana can help people kick drug addictions.

The clinic is also now requiring patients to go 30 days of detox before giving them marijuana. The leadership of the clinic says that they want their patients to learn how to live normal lives, not simply replace living high on a dangerous drug to constantly living while high on cannabis. 

(h/t Business Insider)


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