Recreational Cannabis Is Now Legal In Vermont, But You Can't Buy It Anywhere

The number of states where recreational cannabis is legal has officially grown to 9 as Vermont joined their ranks yesterday. But there's one hitch: the Green Mountain State didn't OK a retail market when lawmakers voted to repeal cannabis prohibition. So recreational marijuana is legal in Vermont, but you can't legally buy it anywhere.

Under Vermont's current regulations, adults over the age of 21 can now legally smoke a joint if they want to. They can also grow up to two cannabis plants per household. And that's what many will do since taking advantage of cannabis legalization will be difficult for Vermonters who don't grow at home.

But that could change in the near future. The Vermont cannabis legislation will be re-evaluated next session by state lawmakers. With any luck retail stores will get added to the mix soon.

Till then, it seems unlikely that Vermont will be able to successfully squash the black market for marijuana without improving ease of access and providing consumers with safe, regulated channels to get their cannabis. But lawmakers knew legalization was a work-in-progress when they repealed prohibition, so it's not surprising that cannabis consumers will have to be patient before they can purchase certifiably safe marijuana from licensed stores.

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