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7 Reasons to Go to Canada, Not Colorado, for Legal Marijuana

Wednesday, Canada legalized recreational marijuana, which was celebrated by stoners everywhere. But if you’re someone living in the United States and trying to decide whether to go to Colorado or cross the northern border to enjoy legal marijuana, it may be difficult to choose.

To help in your decision, here are seven reasons to go to Canada, not Colorado, for legal marijuana:

1. Online Ordering

It’s 2018! We can get anything we want with one click on our computers. Why do we still have to physically go to a dispensary to get our cannabis? In Canada, you don’t have to. You can order your cannabis online and just make sure you have proof of your age when they come to deliver it for you.

2. Age

While it differs province-to-province, you only have to be 19 or 20-years-old to purchase legal marijuana in Canada. Meanwhile in Colorado, you have to wait until the ripe old age of 21 to purchase cannabis. So if you haven’t hit that magic number yet, Canada is the place for you.

3. A Supportive Government

While you’re most likely perfectly safe to purchase marijuana from a dispensary in Colorado, you’re still technically violating federal law and just hoping the feds don’t care. But in Canada, you won’t have any of those fears since it’s legal at the federal level.

4. Easier to Smoke

Again, this also differs province-to-province, but some areas in Canada will allow you to smoke marijuana wherever you can smoke cigarettes. In Colorado, they’re only now setting up specific businesses where consuming marijuana is legal. Also, smoking marijuana in federal lands (like national parks) is ok in Canada, while that’s not true in Colorado.

5. You Can Actually Move Around

If you buy marijuana in Colorado, you have to use it in Colorado otherwise you’re risking getting arrested in another state. But if you buy marijuana in Toronto, you can take it all the way to Vancouver and never worry once about anyone arresting you for it.

6. Taxes

The math regarding taxes in Colorado vs. Canada is a little tricky. Technically in Colorado you only pay a 15 percent tax on cannabis, but the state adds an additional 15 percent tax on producers selling to retail stores. And considering the price of that tax is then pushed on consumers, it’s like marijuana customers are paying a 30 percent tax. Most experts believe the tax burden on Canada’s cannabis consumers is going to be less than that.

7. Price

Regardless of tax burden, it seems cannabis prices in Canada are lower than those in Colorado. According to, the average prices for high quality marijuana in Canada is about $208 per ounce. In Colorado, it’s $241.94 per ounce. In fact, to simply by medium quality cannabis in Colorado it will still cost you $200.35 per ounce. So yeah, it’s much better to go to Canada.


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