5 Reasons Not To Drink When You're High

Getting crossfaded isn't all it's cracked up to be. Pairing cannabis and booze may sound like a great night, but research and experience prove otherwise.

Here are five reasons why you shouldn't double-down on your two favorite vices.

1. Adios, weight loss goals

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The "all stoners get the munchies" stereotype is just that: a stereotype. New research suggests pot can actually help with weight loss by changing the cannabinoid receptors in the brain that regulate appetite. Over time, those receptors can become desensitized, making chronic users less likely to gain weight. Compare that with the inhalation of greasy, late-night pizza slices/Chicago Mix/chicken wings that goes with the territory of excessive boozing. By comparison, pot-induced hunger (when appropriately channeled) can actually make veggies and lean protein more satisfying. Also: pot, unlike booze, has zero calories.

2. It's a potential party-killer

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You've probably seen it happen: the weed comes out after Post-Work Pint #1 has devolved into Shot of Jack Daniels #???. Everyone's already blitzed. Someone takes a hit, and it's instant lights-out. They go all pale and sweaty, start complaining about the spins, and may need to lie down before they fall down. Some people dramatically call this "greening out": whatever term you use, it's safe to call this a bad time. Note: anecdotal evidence suggests smoking before you drink minimizes this effect.

3. Brutal hangovers

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Medical users hail weed's antiemetic effect, a.k.a., it reduces queasiness and makes it harder for you to vomit, even if your stomach is roiling and boiling like Mt. Vesuvius. Normally, not-puking is a positive thing - not so after a night of gross, boozy excess. Vomiting is nature's way of cutting you off - and ridding your body of excess alcohol that's going to do nothing except course through your system, amplifying your hangover to 11 before you jolt back into the land of the living at 6 a.m. Also: let's hope some lovely person wrangles you into the Recovery Position: if you're drunk enough to puke, but can't, you're more likely to choke on your vomit or get alcohol poisoning.

4. "Ughhhh, guyssss. What did I do last night?"

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We all know that booze can make you black out. We also know that marijuana effects memory by disrupting activity in the hippocampus, impairing your brain's ability to record what's going on. Smoking and drinking ups your chances of losing chunks of your night and having to piece things together the next day via humiliating misspelled sexts and ill-advised Facebook posts. In addition to being embarrassing, this is obviously also super dangerous if you're in a group of strangers or shitty people who might take advantage. Also: alcohol in your blood can cause your body to absorb THC more rapidly, meaning you might get a fun kick of panic/paranoia before you go to La-La Land.

5. It's kinda pointless

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Most seasoned party people find using either weed, or booze (but not both) maximizes the good times. There's research to support this conclusion: a survey by the RAND Drug Policy Research Center and the University of California looking at consumers aged 18-91 in Colorado, New Mexico, Oregon, and Washington found "individuals who use cannabis do not commonly use it with alcohol, irrespective of whether they are consuming cannabis recreationally or medically." They concluded: "fewer than one in five recreational users report simultaneous use of alcohol and cannabis most or all of the time." The bottom line: pick your poison.

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