New Video Explains the Real Reason Hospitals Are So Expensive

One of the biggest issues in American healthcare is costs. Surgeries, emergency room visits, prescriptions and basically anything you can think of costs an exorbitant amount of money. And while many of our politicians are debating ways to drive prices down, but no one seems to be asking a big question: Why the heck is everything so expensive in the first place?

Adam Ruins Everything is a television show on TruTV where host Adam Conover explores some of society's pressing issues and institutions and exposes some unknown, usually disturbing facts about them. He's investigated everything from the diamond industry to airport security to the electoral system.

One of his most recent investigations involved hospitals, and why costs are so high. In the video above, he shares some of his insights. As with most things involving the healthcare, there's a lot to do with greedy insurance companies.


The fight to legalize cannabis nationwide should begin by helping veterans get access to medical marijuana, according to Massachusetts Representative - and 2020 presidential candidate - Seth Moulton (D). Right now, vets can't use medical marijuana without the risk of losing their Veteran's Affairs benefits, even if they live in a state that has legalized medicinal cannabis. In fact, so much as mentioning cannabis use to their doctor is enough for a vet to get their benefits stripped.

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