A Real Life Mario Kart Is Coming To Super Nintendo World Theme Parks

It’s hard to imagine how anyone could improve upon Mario Kart, the classic Nintendo racing game responsible for ruining friendships everywhere. But the upcoming Super Nintendo World theme park has indeed come up with a way.

The brainchild of Universal Studios and Nintendo – expected to open its doors within the next three years – will include an elaborate Mario Kart ride as its main attraction. No word yet on whether the ride will include the ability to hurl giant banana peels at your competitors.

The ride will be powered by the “world’s most advanced tech”, according to officials.

Leaked patents suggest the ride will appear to run on a track, but it will actually operate via a metal arm that will simulate the game’s trademark drifts and big jumps.

Designs for a mine cart ride inspired by Donkey Kong Country have also been floating around, but officials haven’t confirmed it.

Super Nintendo World theme parks are slated for Osaka, Orlando and Hollywood, with the first expected to open in Japan in time for the 2020 Olympics.

h/t Fact Magazine


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