Introducing Rage Yoga: Beer, Swearing, Heavy Metal and Stretching

At first blush, the high energy of heavy metal and the relaxing nature of yoga don't really have anything in common (except for maybe a mutual love of cannabis). But the differences between these activities doesn't mean that it's impossible to bring them together to create something new and refreshing.

If you find that traditional yoga is missing the "little bit of extra chaos and a sense of humor" that you're looking for, then you need to check out Rage Yoga.

Rage Yoga is—as founder Lindsay Istace puts it—"alternative yoga for the modern badass."

While yoga is traditionally focused on the idea of quiet relaxation and de-stressing through exercise, Rage Yoga takes a more abrasive approach. It's a place where you're more likely to hear Ozzy Osbourne than Brian Eno on the playlist. Having a drink to take the edge off is cool, and swearing like a sailor is almost encouraged. Oh, and there is actually yoga going on as well.

"It's meant to be a different approach to yoga for those who find their peaceful center in a different way," Istace explained to Hello Giggles.

To some people, an atmosphere that is more akin to a biker bar than a typical yoga studio is the furthest thing from relaxing. But others prefer a rougher yoga experience, and there's even some scientific evidence to support Rage Yoga's method.

"In the right setting, I believe that cursing can be therapeutic because it can allow us to let our anger out, we can use specific words to express ourselves," said Courtney Glashow - a psychotherapist based in New Jersey.

However, Istace admits that Rage Yoga probably won't take over the wellness industry.

"It's not for everyone, and that's OK," she said.

Despite this, Rage Yoga has garnered some fans from more traditional yoga circles. Madison Hudson of Conviction Yoga in Texas said she thinks Rage Yoga could be a great way to get people interested in yoga who might not otherwise consider it.

"A lot of people say that they were really intimidated before trying yoga," said Hudson. "I think Rage Yoga could help some people take the seriousness out of yoga and get on the mat."

Rage Yoga currently operates out of studios in Alberta and Texas right now. So if you're in the area and find yourself leaning more towards distorted guitars than pan-pipes, check it out.


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