Rage Against The Machine: Anti-Drone Attacks Are On The Rise

Welcome to the future, where human-on-drone violence is officially a Thing.

Privacy-concerned gun owners across the lower 48 have taken a scorched-earth policy toward the personal camera-carrying quadcopters.

A Kentucky homeowner, and another man in New Jersey, were arrested and charged with criminal mischief after shooting down drones hovering over their properties.

While opening fire is definitely not recommended from a legal perspective, anyone who's ever been spied on by one of these little buggers can understand the impulse to go ballistic.

There's now a line of ammo explicitly designed to help us prepare for the drone apocalypse. The 12 gauge 3" shotgun shells, by Snake River Shooting Products, are billed in exclamation point-heavy marketing materials as the premier solution for "defending against drone-based privacy and terror concerns!"


On a similar note, this Sons of Anarchy-style ad for the Salvo 12 Shotgun Silencer is basically porn for drone-hating gun lovers.

But before you go all Pulp Fiction, recall the hefty fines for pumping robot spies full of lead.

h/t nj.com, WDRB


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