Rachel Maddow Says We Shouldn't Lose Faith In Republicans Because Of Trump

Partisan politics have become so toxic across America that you have to wonder if the country is too divided to take a united stand against Donald Trump when the time comes for it (if it hasn't already). But NBC news anchor Rachel Maddow says she still has faith that Republicans will put the country before their party if the nation's well-being depends on it.

Yesterday, Maddow told Stephen Colbert that she believes lawmakers of all political stripes will stand up to Trump if it's proven that he obstructed attempts to investigate his campaign's ties to Russia. "It is hard for me to believe that Republicans would not rise above their party in that instance," she said during an appearance on The Late Show.

But Colbert wasn't so convinced. "A lot of people's standards and norms have lowered because Donald Trump is president," he countered. "For instance, white evangelical voters. In the last election cycle [2012], their number one criteria for electing a candidate was character or morality. And it was the very last this time because they had to flip their standards in order to elect the man they want. So my worry is Donald Trump will degrade everyone's standards and morals as we pick sides."

But Maddow doubled down on the American people. "When confronted with real issues of real national interest, the people will do the right thing."

Check out the full clip, which includes her take on Trump's Russia scandal.


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