Quebec To Sell Cannabis Online, Have It Delivered By Canada Post

Cannabis consumers in Quebec will be able to order their desired products online through the province’s publicly owned liquor agency, Radio-Canada reports.

The Quebec government intends to table legislation on Thursday that will allow the SAQ to operate online cannabis sales once nationwide recreational legalization rolls out next July.

In this model, Canada Post would deliver the products that consumers order from the SAQ website. Canada Post employees would first check a customer’s identification and proof of the online purchase.

Canada Post currently delivers both alcohol ordered online through the SAQ and medical marijuana within Quebec.

Radio-Canada also reports that the Quebec government plans to open 20 SAQ stores across the province. Online sales will fill in the gaps for those who can’t access a physical store.

The province is expected to table its full ‘Cannabis Quebec’ law on Thursday. Past reports have indicated the legal age for cannabis consumption in Quebec will be 18.

It’s also been suggested that Quebec’s private sector will not play a role in the sale and distribution of cannabis.

Government officials in Quebec were initially reluctant to get on board with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s plans for coast-to-coast recreational cannabis legalization, but the province has since thrown itself into developing a feasible policy ahead of next summer.

h/t CBC News


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