Quebec Bans Growing Cannabis At Home, Announces Zero Tolerance For Driving High

Residents of Quebec will not be permitted to grow their own cannabis at home, according to the province’s newly released draft legislation on cannabis legalization.

Despite Ottawa’s proposed regulations that Canadians be able to grow up to four cannabis plants once nationwide recreational legalization rolls out next July, Quebec’s legislation says no one will be allowed to grow cannabis for personal or commercial use inside a dwelling.

As predicted, Quebec’s legislation also sets the minimum age for purchasing and possessing cannabis at 18.

Cannabis products will only be sold by the Société Québécoise du Cannabis (SQC), and they’ll be available online and in 20 physical stores around the province. The Quebec liquor board, the SAQ, will manage the entire system.

Quebec’s legislation also outlines zero tolerance for driving while high. The province will authorize police to test saliva samples from drivers, and officers will be permitted to immediately suspend the license of anyone driving with a trace of cannabis or other illicit drugs for 90 days.

"Our bill introduces a new principle of zero tolerance for drugs for all drivers," said Public Health Minister Lucie Charlebois.

In terms of cannabis consumption, Quebecers will only be permitted to smoke in places where smoking cigarettes is legal. Cannabis consumption will be banned on school and university campuses.

Of all the Canadian provinces, Quebec has arguably been the most reluctant to follow Ottawa’s cannabis plan. On Wednesday, provincial officials asked the federal government to delay cannabis legalization to 2019.

h/t The Globe and Mail


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