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Review: The Puffco Peak Smart Dab Rig Will Satisfy Newbies and Cannoisseurs Alike

I first encountered the Puffco Peak at Dopefest 2018 in Portland, Oregon. Even in all the commotion, it was hard to miss the elegant design and how intuitive it was to take a hit of CBD despite having never used one of Puffco’s products before. I knew I needed to get one of my own, however, to really see what this rig could do. Since getting my hands on my own Puffco Peak, it has far exceeded even those initial optimistic expectations.

I test drove the Puffco Peak with a high-terpene sativa sauce to see just how much a smart rig could enhance my flavor experience. Compared to a manual dab rig reliant on torches, timing, and hand-eye coordination, this was a breeze to use. While there was certainly still some trial and error and a learning curve, it didn’t take long to get the hang of the Peak’s handy vibration signals and to achieve consistent hits each smoke session. Moreover, the flavor really was more complex and rich, and the highs buoyant, with nary a cough or wheeze.

There are four unique user heat settings, each accessible through one button and clearly indicated with a lovely LED color display that only enhances the Puffco’s resemblance to a lava lamp. This is great for a wide range of users.

Dab newbies looking to explore everything their dab rig can do can find their favorite. Connoisseurs can delve deeper into the world of low-temperature dabs, which tend to produce more pronounced terpene flavors than dabs burned above 400℉. Those looking for an extra potent high can maximize their cannabinoids on the highest temperature setting. There’s also a handy “party” mode that uses the Smart Rig’s ability to adjust heat times depending on whether the bowl is still hot, making it easier and faster to keep on puff-puff-passing.

The body of the Puffco Peak is soft, easy-to-grip rubber, so you don’t have to worry about dropping the hand-blown glass (which you can also order in other colors if you want to get really psychedelic). Everything about the rig feels equally sturdy, down to the ceramic bowls and included carb cap. I also appreciated the thoughtfulness of including several pointed Q-tips for cleaning, as well as a loading tool. This is literally a plug-and-play system that charged rapidly, and which immediately delivered peak (pun intended) performance.

Photo credit: Kirk Summers


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