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Puff, Puff, Pose: 3 Cannabis-Friendly Yoga Studios

Roll out your mat. Breath deeply. Center yourself. Then pass the vaporizer.

Weed-friendly yoga studios have become more common in recent years, despite claims from purists that the trend is nothing but a fast-track to fake enlightenment. But both novice and seasoned yogis claim cannabis can be a gentle enhancement to an already-spiritual practice.

Here are three studios where you're encouraged to get elevated.

1. Twisted Sister Yoga

This women-only cannabis yoga retreat kicks off in Denver at the Twisted Sister studio. After a "relaxing, cleansing" class, attendees head to DANK dispensary for a VIP meet-and-greet, tour of the cultivation facility, and primer on the selection of cannabis and infused edibles. "Once satisfied," according to the Twisted Sister site, yogis "proceed to a private luxury mountain home" high in the Rockies above Evergreen, Colorado, to be guided through "a rhythm of yoga and meditation practices." The retreat also includes high-vibe local cuisine and a cannabis cooking class from local Chef Nikki Idol Malik. 2016 dates coming soon.

2. The House of Yoga

"Know in your heart that God accepts the smoking of sacrament as worship," claims the website of this Toronto-based ganja-yoga studio: "The plant represents the Body, the burning is the fire of the mind, the smoke is the spirit. The high feeling is the Yoga (union)." If that sounds trippy, check out the cozy studio on Bloor Street West, conveniently located inside a headshop. The House of Yoga offers ganja yoga, classical hatha yoga, ganja Thai massage practice, and other sacred-plant related services. But weed isn't the sole attraction: "the psychophysical effects of asanas are secondary to the main purpose, which is freedom," according to owners Lu and Jimmy. Students hit the vape before beginning classes.

3. Ganja Yoga

Ganja Yoga has many locations in the San Francisco. Dee Dussault is a Bay Area sex educator, relationship coach, certified hatha yoga instructor, and tantra practitioner. Classes are more "guided relaxation gatherings," according to their site: "a sweet space to hang out with community, get enhanced/medicated, and then journey into relaxation and peace, which is our natural state." To the "puritanical" yoga practitioners who claim that the path to nirvana shouldn't depend on external aid. Dee offers the following advice: "In ancient India, many yogis would smoke hash or drink ganja-milkshakes to enhance their spiritual experiences, and note the origins of most spiritual traditions had their basis in the holy plant." Dussault also offers Skype consultations and classes for students around the world.

Don't feel like heading to a crowded class after getting blazed? If you're going to try this at home, consume a little less cannabis than usual to ensure you don't fall out of crow into your coffee table - and stick with indicas/higher CBD strains that boost a sense of mellow calm, rather than setting your mind racing. Om.

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