Cannabis, Nudity and Painting - The Life of a Professional Vibe Setter

Omar London is a "professional vibe setter" from New York who is now working in Los Angeles, where he is creating and hosting cannabis events for creative consumers. Thanks to London, consumers can enjoy smoking cannabis while learning to paint at Puff n' Paint, "an intimate night of high vibrations, good music, and art." While learning to paint from local artists including Donovan Duplessis, guests enjoy wine and top shelf flower provided by London, who also introduces the featured muse of the night, a male and female nude model. The fluorescent lighting, accentuates their natural curves while celebrating the human body, creativity, and cannabis.


Dust off your air guitar, because it looks like that new Bill and Ted movie is finally happening – for real this time. “It looks like we might, actually, hopefully make a movie this summer,” the duo said, trading words in a brief video announcement posted to Twitter on Wednesday. The video features Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter standing before The Hollywood Bowl thanking the fans for their enduring love for the characters.

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