Cannabis-based treatments for Alzheimer's are coming to Puerto Rico. This will be the first time medicinal marijuana will be tailored to Alzheimer's patients in the U.S.

This new medication will be arriving in April, and will be available at 10 of Puerto Rico's 30 dispensaries, two of which are located in the San Juan, the territory's largest city. It comes way of cannabis pharmaceutical company IGC and is a propriety cannabinoid-based substance called Hyalolex.

The new drug is intended to help relive the sleep disorders and anxiety that many Alzheimer's patients struggle with.

Care for Alzheimer's patients is notoriously expensive and it is hoped that in alleviating some of the symptoms they suffer, the cost of care can be reduced. This is particularly important in places like Puerto Rico where natural disasters have put serious strains on the economic system. Additionally, people with Hispanic heritage are approximately one and a half times more likely to contract Alzheimer's than their European counterparts, making a focus on the disease all the more pertinent.