Proposed MAPLE Act Would Protect Cannabis Workers When Entering the United States

If you're working in the Canadian cannabis industry, you probably get a little bit nervous when it comes time to cross the border into the United States. But if passed, a new bill could give you peace of mind.

It’s called the Maintaining Appropriate Protections for Legal Entry, or MAPLE, Act of 2019. Submitted by Earl Blumenauer (D-Oregon), it is a new version of a bill originally submitted late last year. 

The proposed bill would amend the Immigration and Nationality Act with an exception for people working in the legal cannabis industry in "a State, Indian Tribe, or foreign country”.

Crossing the border from a legal country like Canada has been a worrisome issue for members of the cannabis industry. Any visitor who admits to using cannabis risks being banned from the US, as it is illegal at the federal level. Last year, we spoke with an immigration lawyer who offered some tips on what to do at a border stop.

Hopefully, the MAPLE Act will pass, and non-Americans won’t have to worry about their involvement in a legal industry keeping them out of the United States.

h/t The GrowthOp 


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