Prominent Marijuana Congressman Says The House Would Pass Legalization 'In The First Year Of Democratic Control'

Congressman Earl Blumenauer (D - OR) is one of the marijuana legalization movement's most vocal advocates in Congress. And he believes a lot would change if the House switches hands this November.

During a recent conversation with The Nevada Independent, Rep. Blumenauer - Founder of the Congressional Cannabis Caucus - revealed his predictions for the near future of marijuana legislation. In short, don't expect much to happen so long as Republicans control the House.

"Given the just intransigent opposition of Republican leadership, it's very remote," Blumenauer said of any big changes coming down the pipe this session. Though he did add that "it's possible lightning can strike."

But if the House flips to the Democrats following the midterm elections, he thinks we'll see progress on cannabis reform within a year.

"Democratic control of the House, which I think virtually every independent analyst thinks is highly likely, means that this will be resolved in a year. We won’t have a judiciary [committee] chairman that bottles up the bill, we won't have a chair of the ways and means committee that bottles up the tax, we won't have problems with commerce. It will be aggressively embraced and addressed and I think all of these things will be passed in the first year of Democratic control, and if that stuff roars out of the House, it will be virtually impossible for the Senate to ignore it."

So, while legalization maybe a pipe dream for this session, we'll be keeping our hopes up for that leadership switch up Blumenauer is promising.


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