CBD, Edibles and M&A: How 2018 Set the Stage for Pot Stocks in 2019

Together, Civilized and Grizzle provide a unique look at the growing cannabis market, in our weekly cannabis sector investment show All Time Highs. Grizzle illuminates the opportunities and guides you through the challenges of this new sector, by identifying the opportunities and risks for the new industry, from a ‘big picture’ perspective to actionable, cash-generating ideas. 

This week, the President of Grizzle - Thomas George - discusses how cannabis stocks finally started to grow until 2018. Large investments such as the Canopy Growth / Constellation deal added legitimacy to the cannabis sector, so 2019 is set up for plenty of action. We are paying attention to how legal CBD develops in the US, Canadian supply shortages, the edibles market, and much more M&A. For more answers on cannabis stocks and businesses, remember to send in your questions.


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