Product Review: The Wisp Vaporizing System Wants to Be the Keurig of Cannabis

After what seems like an eternity, perfected by Heisenberg himself, the long awaited Wisp is finally on shelves of dispensaries and by direct order from Wisp. The vaporizer uses special Keurig-like cartridges that are available at dispensaries in Massachusetts and eventually at select retailers across the U.S. and Canada. The design makes the Wisp look benign, and with different pod strains for every mood, I could see a cool mom dropping off the kids, then putting in her Wisp right after her Keurig. This image isn't so far off, because the company has four ex-Keurig employees who understand how the pod works, how it should be marketed and - most importantly - how it should be built for its consumers.

The Wisp consumer is the super rare smoker, who insists that whatever they put in their body is organic, and that their machine for dispensing is beyond discreet. These users already have the Prius, and separate their trash, so the Wisp goes perfectly with their lifestyle. Pods and all. Serenity now, serenity now! You’ll have to shell out $199 dollars for the vape, which is the perfect size for that stay-at-home vape you always wanted. That said, it's pretty cool because now you can simultaneously brew up some coffee and cannabis. 

Wisp Vaporizing System: $199 (comes with base, vapor bottle, vapor bottle sleeves, and mouthpieces)



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