The Peak from Puffco Makes Dabbing as Easy as Smoking Flower

Yes, the Peak looks like a bong, and yes you can use it for all manner of different ways of getting high - but it's make specifically for all you crazy concentrate lovers out there. At its core, the Peak makes dabbing as easy as smoking flower, because it isn't a scary contraption requiring wires, nails, or butane torches. The Peak is wireless and its sleek, designed glass heats up at the push of a button. After that, it’s good for up to 30 hits before a recharge is needed.

While it does take 20 minutes to heat up, that's not bad, because all good things comes to those who wait. And with the Peak, the longer you wait, the better your dabbing. The best part is when your finished; just push the “Boost Button,” and it will blow the tube clean. And if you've ever dabbed before you will know that the easier anything can be post-dabbing the better.

Conclusion: Thanks to the Peak, dabbing has left the confines of the weird and slightly demented to the slightly less demented and a little less weird. If you're new to dabbing, be careful. This stuff is no joke so don’t say we didn’t warn you.

The Peak: $379.99



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