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5 Pro-Marijuana Politicians in Danger of Losing Re-Election This Year

This November, Democrats are hoping to re-take control of Congress in the midterm elections. But what about pro-marijuana politicians already in office? Are any of them in danger of going home?

Here are five pro-cannabis politicians who may be in danger of losing re-election.

1. Florida Senator Bill Nelson, Democrat

While Nelson opposes recreational marijuana legalization, he does support states making their own laws on the issue and has advocated for Florida to expand its medical cannabis program. Nelson is running against current Florida Governor Rick Scott, who is largely as the major reason Florida’s medical marijuana program is so limited. This is currently believed to be a toss-up for who will win.

2. Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown, Democrat

Like Nelson, Brown’s another Democrat who doesn’t support recreational legalization but does want to protect states that do so. While Brown has been elected to public office in Ohio for over 30 years, the state’s support of Donald Trump in the last election possibly indicates that Brown’s mostly liberal views may no longer be in step with his voters.

3. Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf, Democrat

As Governor of Pennsylvania, Wolf’s helped usher in the state’s medical marijuana program and he’s been a very vocal opponent to Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ handling of cannabis policy. In fact, it seems he could very well become the next politician to evolve on the issue and finally support recreational marijuana. But like Brown, he lives in a state that voted for Trump and he may find himself out of office, although that’s starting to look unlikely.

4. California Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, Republican

Rohrabacher is one of the few Republicans in Congress who supports marijuana legalization. But he’s also closely tied to President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin, which has put a target on his back from Democrats looking to flip his congressional seat. So while it may be a loss for marijuana advocates, it may be a victory in the bigger picture.

5. Colorado Congressman Mike Coffman, Republican

Coffman is another Republican in Congress who has denounced Sessions’ handling of cannabis policies and supports states’ rights to handle the issue. But Coffman’s district is historically more liberal and voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016. So he’s another target for Democrats looking to re-take control of Congress.


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