After Seeing an Anti-Marijuana Website, Someone Made a Pro-Cannabis Site with an Almost Identical URL

When someone creates anti-marijuana propaganda, there are many ways to counter it. But one savvy Reddit user may have thought of the best way yet.

A user on the subreddit r/trees (Which is actually dedicated to marijuana, not trees) posted a photo of a billboard in Illinois that provides "facts" about why cannabis legalization is bad. The billboard was sponsored by the Illinois' Sheriffs Billboard and it displayed a website for users to get informed on the issue. Here's a look at the billboard, posted by Reddit user Paz_50:

illinois facts billboard2

As you can see, the website as a bizarre URL. It's "" One Reddit commenter noted this was a stupid name for the website. People who see the billboard are unlikely to remember it. He said most people would either remember "" or "" The first site suggestion just leads to a 404 page. But this Reddit user decided to buy the second URL and re-direct the link to a pro-cannabis website. So now if people go to "," they'll be re-directed to the website for the Coalition for a Safer Illinois, a pro-marijuana advocacy group.

So now there's probably a bunch of Illinois voters going to a website thinking they'd be told why recreational marijuana is bad, only to be presented with all the arguments for why it's good.

The lesson to learn from this story is to make sure your website has a logical URL.

(h/t Reddit)


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