Pro Athletes Promote Marijuana in Sports at Cannabis Convention

Marijuana in sports is becoming a more talked about subject as cannabis becomes legal in more and more states. And now some very prominent athletes are coming out to talk about the subject.

This week Cannabis Science Conference in Oregon held a panel called "Doc and Jocks" where a doctor interviewed four former professional athletes about marijuana in sports. The most notable athlete on the panel was former NBA player Cliff Robinson, who said he used marijuana while playing to help calm his anxiety. He also talked about his multiple suspensions for using cannabis, and recounted a story about police officers arresting him for possession in 2001.

“They were up on the bridge pointing guns at us,” Robinson said. “All we had in the car was half a joint.”

Retired NFL player Eben Britton, who is one of the most prominent former athletes in the cannabis world, pointed the hypocrisy of sports leagues who happily push alcohol ads on consumers and turning a blind eye towards players using dangerous painkillers while also demonizing marijuana. Britton also talked about how players would pass around Vicodin, Oxycodone and other medications on the team plane while heading to games.

Some professional sports leagues have begun taking a more lenient stance towards marijuana, but that's only in regards to punishments. None of them have made any effort to actually allowing players to use cannabis to help treat medical conditions that receive while playing.

(h/t Oregon Business)


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