Two Prisoners Break Out of Jail, Smoke Marijuana With Their Girlfriends, Then Walk Back to Prison

Most prison escapes, at least in the movies, involve some elaborate plot where the prisoners escape to some exotic location far away. But turns out in real life, prison escapes are a lot less exciting.

An Oklahoma Sheriff said two inmates escaped county prison last Wednesday night. But there's no reason to be alarmed, as the prisoners are already back behind bars, and it was apparently voluntary.

Choctaw County Sheriff Terry Park said the two inmates escaped by stealing a laundry room key and waiting for the jail staff to leave their vicinity. After getting out of prison, the two men went to visit their girlfriends and smoke some marijuana. After finishing with their hangout session, the two men returned to the prison and were put back in jail.

Now, the question is why the heck did these guys do this? They were apparently in jail on charges of drug possession. But now they're most likely going to receive additional charges for breaking out of prison. Did they think if they left and came back the police would just shrug their shoulders and thank them for not being out too long? Or maybe their girlfriends talked some sense into them? 

You can probably add this story to a list of "Not-the-Smartest Things Done By Criminals."

(h/t ABC News)


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