Prince Edward Island Won't Mix Marijuana And Alcohol Sales

The government of Prince Edward Island is committed to discouraging residents and visitors from mixing marijuana and alcohol. That's why the government of Liberal Premiere Wade MacLauchlan recently announced that liquor and cannabis will be sold in separate locations when Canada repeals pot prohibition by July 2018.

"Dedicated stores will avoid encouraging the use of both alcohol and cannabis together," the PEI government said in a press release issued last Thursday.

However, the cannabis retailers will still be overseen by the same crown corporation that handles the province's alcohol sales: the PEI Liquor Control Commission. That setup is similar to regulations being considered in OntarioNew Brunswick and other Canadian provinces.

According to the regulations, Islanders 19 or older will be allowed to purchase and possess up to 30 grams of dried marijuana flower. But they won't be allowed to smoke it in public. The government is limiting marijuana use to private residences, a measure aimed toward reducing exposure to second-hand smoke and preventing marijuana use from being normalized. 

But the ban on public consumption could change down the road in order to make sure everyone in the province who wants to enjoy a joint can do so.

"We understand that there's locations where people might reside where smoking is prohibited and so we need to, you know, to look at that and see how we're going to be able to sort those things out," Finance Minister Allen Roach (insert pot-pun here) said last week.

So the regulations in Prince Edward Island will likely start out strict before loosening up over time.

h/t CBC


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