This Map Shows the Price of Marijuana in All 50 States

As more states legalize marijuana, you may find yourself wondering about the price differences from state to state. Is it cheaper in Colorado, the original legalized state? Or is it more expensive in California, the new capital of cannabis?

Luckily, there's a website that gives you all the answers. compiles data to determine the average price of marijuana around the United States. And while that's a valuable service, someone from the SAS Learning Post created some new easy-to-read charts to help illustrate which states have the cheapest and most expensive marijuana. 

First, here's a map of all the states with their marijuana prices.

marijuana price map

The lighter color states are represent cheaper marijuana, while the dark green represent the most expensive. The darker the green the more expensive the marijuana.

If you're looking for an in-depth breakdown of every state's marijuana price, they also created this handy-dandy chart:

marijuana price chart

Turns out if you want the cheapest marijuana in America, you should head over to Mississippi. Which, ironically, isn't even a legalized state.

As always, we recommend you only buy marijuana in legal states.

(h/t SAS)


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