Press This Button For Next-Level Netflix-And-Chill

Netflix, already the greatest menace to North American work habits since the dawn of the Internet, has made it even easier to waste your life auto-playing episodes of "House of Cards."

The evil masterminds at Netflix have released instructions on how to build "The Switch," a device which accomplishes the Netflix-and-chill of your dreams.

According to the promo, with "just one press, [it] turns on your TV and brings you right to Netflix, dims your lights, silences your phone, and even orders you food."

Cool, see you guys at the intervention in 6 months!


Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida wants lawmakers to grow up and start let researchers study cannabis. "A lot of the older Republicans say, 'Well, there's not enough research to justify rescheduling,' and then they stand in the way of the research," Gaetz told Fox Business.

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