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Eight 2020 Presidential Candidates Who Support Marijuana Legalization

2020 might be two years away, but there are still plenty of politicians (mostly Democrats) trying to raise their national profile in anticipation for a presidential run. One of the issues where many prospective candidates seem to be getting attention from is marijuana legalization.

Here are eight potential 2020 presidential candidates who support marijuana legalization:

1. Rand Paul

Technically Paul doesn’t support legalizing marijuana as much as he supports states choosing their own laws related to marijuana. While Trump will most likely represent the Republicans in 2020, Paul is one of the few members of the GOP who’s spoken out against the president and could possibly run for the nomination as an anti-Trump candidate. But that may be just wishful thinking.

2. Jay Inslee

Inslee may be a somewhat off-the-grid candidate, as he’s a relatively unknown governor from Washington. Obviously, he’s defended his state’s laws against Trump for the past year, and you’d have to assume marijuana legalization would be a big part of his possible platform.

3. Eric Garcetti

As the mayor of Los Angeles, Garcetti’s somewhat made a name for himself on the national stage, particularly when it comes to the Olympics. He’s also helped the city transition to the recreational market, so you’d have to think he’d make that a campaign issue as well.

4. Kamala Harris

The senator from California has a mixed track record on marijuana, so it’s not 100 percent clear where she stands. Previously, she stated she was against legalization. But after Sessions’ revoked protections for legalized states, she began criticizing the Attorney General. It appears she now supports ending federal laws prohibiting marijuana, while not outright being in favor of legalization. She might have to go a little further in her evolution though to compete with others on this list.

5. Bernie Sanders

Sanders is probably the earliest adopter of marijuana legalization among high-ranking Democrats. During a 2015 primary debate with Hillary Clinton, Sanders said he “suspected” he would vote to legalize marijuana, and has only cranked up his efforts since then.

6. Kirsten Gillibrand

The senator from New York has made a name for herself going after President Trump over the past year. And she’s recently jumped onboard the marijuana legalization bandwagon as well as a protest to Trump and Sessions’ policies.

7. Elizabeth Warren

Warren is a frequent sparrer with Trump on Twitter, which many people believe is a prelude to a possible 2020 showdown. She’s also introduced a bill to protect legalized marijuana stats from Jeff Sessions, to further her conflict with the Trump administration.

8. Cory Booker

Booker is also an early adopted of marijuana legalization as well. Last August, he wrote a bill to legalize marijuana, but didn’t receive any co-sponsors until Jeff Sessions launched his attacks on the industry earlier this year. But Booker should be remembered as one of the people who supported it before it was cool.


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