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Here's a Look at Every President's Approval Ratings Since Kennedy

Many people know that President Donald Trump isn't very popular. But where does his unpopularity rank among other recent presidents?

A Reddit user named drivenbydata used data from on both past presidents' approval ratings as well as Trump's to show approval ratings over time. Here's a look at how approval ratings have fluctuated for every president starting with John F. Kennedy.

presidential approval ratings

As you can see, nearly every president has a giant fluctuation in approval ratings, although that's usually due to a major controversy in their presidency. For LBJ, it was Vietnam, for Bush Jr. it was the Iraq War and for Nixon, well, we know what happened to him. Clinton and Obama are the only two presidents who served two terms whose approval ratings didn't have the same giant fluctuations as others.

Looking at this chart, you'll notice that Trump's ratings aren't the worst on there. Other presidents had much lower approval ratings at some point during their administration than he does. And yet we often hear in the news that Trump's the most unpopular president ever. How can that be?

Well, that's because the media is comparing Trump's poll numbers with where other presidents numbers were after the same number of days in office. So while Trump isn't as unpopular as Nixon and Bush Jr. were at their lowest, both those presidents were more popular in the early days of their presidency than Trump is now.

But it's still a little disappointing that Trump's numbers aren't a lot lower.

(h/t Reddit)


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