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Staff Member Who Gives Trump His Daily Folder of Positive Trump News Quits

Earlier this month, a story came out that President Donald Trump receives a folder full of positive new coverage about himself twice a day. It turns out that job may be harder than it sounds, because the man in charge of the Trump administration's positive news spin recently quit.

Politico recently reported that Andy Hemming, the White House communications team's director of rapid response, resigned on Monday. Hemming's main responsibility was finding news stories that portrayed the Trump administration in a positive light and circulating those stories to the press and media figures. Basically, Hemming was on the frontline for the White House in the war against "Fake News."

Hemming is just the latest person to leave the Trump administration in recent months. Just this summer, press secretary Sean Spicer, Chief-of-Staff Reince Preibus, communications director Anthony Scaramucci and chief strategist Steve Bannon have all left their positions in the White House. And earlier this week, several members of Trump's advisory boards left after the president's lackluster response to the events in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Earlier this month, Politico profiled Hemming and dissected how weird his position is. While most presidential administrations have people who monitor the news and distribute positive information to the press, Hemming's job was more difficult given President Trump's combative relationship with the press and constant bashing of "fake news."

The White House said that the split with Hemming was "mutual," which is exactly what every other staff to leave the White House has said.

If the guy whose job it is to find positive news stories about your administration quits, you know you're in trouble.


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