This Cannabis Company is Working to Preserve Jamaica's Legendary Marijuana Strains

Jamaica has a well-documented history with marijuana, and now a Canadian cannabis company is helping the island nation preserve that legacy.

Jamaica Medical Cannabis Corporation Ltd., a Canadian based cannabis company despite the name, is investing $2 million into Jamaica to help identify and catalogue the native marijuana strains of the island. Since Jamaica legalized medical marijuana in 2015 and finally began allowing legal cultivation this year, many are worried that the country's new cannabis industry will not use the island's most famous strains. They think these companies will opt into using hybrid or non-native strains to sell to their customers, and Jamaica's legendary strains will disappear.

“JMCC is fully committed to supporting the Jamaican medical cannabis industry every way we can and ensuring there are lasting benefits for the country and its people,” said Diane Scott, Jamaica Medical Cannanbis Corporation's Chief Executive Officer. As Jamaican medical cannabis grows in popularity, there is a real threat that the country’s unique strains will be lost or irrevocably contaminated by hybridization, and it was important for us to be able to help to preserve what we believe are some of the best medical cannabis strains in the world.”

The hope is that not only will Jamaica's cannabis industry use the island's native strains, but that they'll even be able to export their native marijuana to the rest of the world, which would provide some major growth for their cultivators.

(h/t Merry Jane)


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