Pregnant Woman Orders McDonald’s Latte, Served Cleaning Agent Instead

Yet another sordid chapter in an ongoing saga of disgusting fast food stories was written last Sunday after a 7 months pregnant woman was served cleaning solution in place of a latte at a McDonald’s in Southern Alberta.

We know what you’re thinking, and no, it was not part of their latest McCafe promotional roll-out.

Luckily, mother-to-be Sarah Douglas discovered the problem immediately, pulling off the highway to spit the liquid it out after a single sip.

"I opened up the lid of the coffee and out pours this pungent smell of chemical," Douglas told CBC News. "It wasn’t a latte at all." 

Considering how potentially dangerous this could have been, it is fortunate that Douglas was able to discern the irregular taste in the drink because, frankly, we’re not sure that we’d be able to tell the difference.

After Douglas had returned to the restaurant to confront management over the mishap, the supervisor attempted to mitigate her anger in the typical McDonald’s fashion of offering to replace the drink, despite the fact that, under the circumstances, this was more of a threat than a proper compensation.

It turns out that what was actually poured in Douglas’ cup was a heaping helping of a cleaning agent typically used to sanitize the machines every morning.

The owner of the McDonald’s issued an 'aw shucks' apology after the incident, copping to the fact that, "unfortunately," the milk supply had been connected to cleaning solution while the guest’s drink was being made.

He added that a health inspector had subsequently visited the restaurant and that that they have put up "additional signage" as an added reminder, so, you know, it’s totally cool now.  

Douglas confirmed she received an apology from the company, but said that she hopes that her experience prompts greater awareness within the chain about enforcing proper safety procedures.


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