5 Pot Quizzes To Test Your Cannabis IQ

Looking for an escape from the boredom of weekend crossword puzzles? Find out how cannabis savvy you are by taking the five best online cannabis quizzes, ranked by level of difficulty.

1. Introductory

The University of Rochester Medical Center's How Much Do You Know About Medical Marijuana? is a simple true-or-false quiz on general knowledge questions. Passing it is as easy as licking a zigzag. And you'll likely ace it if you've ever sat in a smoking circle.

2. Intermediary

High Times' How Much Do You Know About Marijuana Today? (2014) asks multiple-choice questions on cannabis culture and politics. Passing it is as easy as rolling a pinner. Acing it is a cinch if you're a frequent HT reader.

3. Advanced

Live Science's Pot Quiz seems about as easy as grinding buds at first, but the multiple-choice questions get as tricky as rolling the perfect blunt by the end. Newbies to the culture don't stand a chance of getting an A+ on this one.

4. Expert

BuzzFeed's Can You Puff Puff Pass This Drug Test? is a challenging multiple-choice quiz on marijuana miscellany, ranging from science to online dating to strain info. Passing it is about as tricky as blasting dabs. Acing it would be unlikely even for a longtime ganja guru.

5. Doctoral Defense

The Christian Science Monitor's How Much Do You Know About Marijuana? is as hard as building a life-size replica of the Great Pyramids using pot brownies. The average score among users is 46 percent, so don't feel bad if this test schools you.

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The majority of cannabis consumers in America aren't particularly outspoken about their affection for marijuana. But just because they're in the cannabis closet doesn't mean they're opposed to being heard when it comes to other issues. In fact, it looks like cannabis consumers are shaping up to be a silent swing vote in the 2020 election, according to Civilized's 2019 Cannabis Culture Poll.

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