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Here's What Happens At A Pot And Passion Party

Cannabis is touted as one of the world's best aphrodisiacs. But it's definitely not as easily accessible as fresh oysters.

Exactly where to get it and how to use cannabis to amp up your love life inspired Green Soldiers Healers, a Los­ Angeles based cannabis delivery firm, to launch its newest service. Pot and Passion parties mix sex toys and cannabis products in a direct home sales environment.

Here's how it works...

A group of ladies (so far) get together for an evening in. Imagine a living room, some finger foods, some wine and chit chat. After about 30 minutes, founder Denise Newman introduces a comedienne to keep the mood light. Then she breaks out the sex toys and starts talking about which vibrator goes best with which strain of cannabis for a night of passion.

For Newman it's both a fun night and a good business move. Her online medical delivery business doesn't normally allow patients the chance to see the cannabis products before they purchase. But at Pot and Passion parties, women can get a close-up look at what products can do for their love lives and how it can help them relax around their partners. Newman talks about all forms of cannabis from which strain of flower works best to which edibles can help to the much reviewed medicated personal lubricant Foria.

"When I got together with my friends, we would always talk about our husbands and boyfriends and it always turned to sex," Newman told Civilized. And that's where she came up with the idea to combine traditional passion parties - which sell sex toys, lubricant, massage oil and ticklers - with marijuana.

"Cannabis helps you want to have sex," Newman said. "It makes you feel like you want to be touched."

Party goers range in age from 21 up to women in their 70s, and parties have been as small as 4 and as large as 25.

"It can get really fun and crazy, but I like the smaller more intimate [ones]."

To purchase the cannabis, party goers must be part of the collective and medical card holders in California. For the sex toys, anyone over 21 can buy.

For now the service is only available in the Los Angeles area where Green Soldiers Healers delivers. And like most direct selling businesses, the person who hosts the party also gets some products for free or at a discount.

For people who aren't totally sure about the product, Newman leaves a sample bottle of Foria in the bathroom for women to discreetly spray on before they leave.

"It's the only way to make sure the product's going to work," she laughs.


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