Pot For Pets

While more states are legalizing medical and recreational marijuana, more pet owners are giving their animals cannabis products to treat everything including arthritis, anxiety, and cancer. These products, which aren’t regulated, contain CBD and low to no levels of THC, so animals don’t experience the psychoactive high. Although many pet owners claim to see positive results, as their furry companions appear happier and more energetic, veterinarians are barred from prescribing the drug to animals. If they do, they risk the chance of losing their license. However, despite the lack of research and support from doctors, the San Francisco-based TreatWell Health sell cannabis products for pets.


There are plenty of awesome cannabis edibles recipes on the internet. You can make brownies or cookies or even pastas or other dishes. And since making edibles isn’t really that hard, there are recipes to add cannabis to just about any food dish you can imagine.

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