PornHub Reveals How Hawaiians 'Decompressed' After The False Missile Alert

Last week's false missile alert caused a striking drop in PornHub's traffic in Hawaii, which isn't surprising since the fear of imminent nuclear annihilation is probably a huge turnoff for everyone who isn't Major 'King' Kong from 'Dr. Strangelove.'

Online traffic dropped 77 percent in Hawaii during the crisis, but the Aloha State's porn drought didn't last long. In fact, when the second alert went out to notify everyone of the false alarm, Hawaiians consummated their new lease on life by getting in touch with themselves.

According to data recently released from PornHub, traffic in Hawaii was 50 percent higher than normal on an average Saturday morning in Hawaii.

pornhub hawaii missile alert

So if the stuff of disaster movies actually happened in real life, people wouldn't celebrate with songs, dances and fireworks like in 'Return of the Jedi.' They'd relish the destruction of the Death Star by holing up in their Ewok huts to stream some holographic smut.

h/t IFL Science


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