What Pornhub Tells Us About The 2016 Election And American Politics

Americans have a weird way of commiserating and celebrating, according to PornHub, whose recent data dump reveals that activity on the adult entertainment site went up 10 percent after it was announced that Donald Trump had won the 2016 election. And in red states, traffic was actually 20 percent higher than usual. So some Republicans really wanted to start the new era off with a bang.

Porn consumers have quite an obsession with the Trump family in general. When rumors surfaced of a Russian pee tape involving President Trump, searches for 'golden showers' went up 289 percent on the website. But The Donald isn't the most lusted after member of the Trump clan. According to PornHub's data, the most searched member of the family is actually Donald's youngest daughter, Tiffany.

Meanwhile, porn consumers gave former Cuban President Fidel Castro an unsavory sendoff last year. Searches for Cuban-themed content rose 104 percent following Castro's death in November 2016. 

And those are just a few of the insights mined out of the PornHub's findings, which also included top search terms, the most misspelled words by users and more. Check out The Cut's deeper dig into the dirty data. Or check out Stephen Colbert's summary of the site's findings from last night's episode of The Late Show.


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