These Maps Show Which Musicians Are Most Popular in Every Region of the United States

Previously, we told you who is the highest selling musical artist from every state. But just because someone's born in a state doesn't mean that people who are also from that place have to like them. In fact, Americans' music tastes can differ greatly depending on what region of the country they're in.

A writer from The New York Times decided to figure out how popular different popular musicians were in various regions around the country. He did so by figuring out how many people viewed YouTube videos featuring an artists and seeing which areas had the most views. He then collected that data into a series of maps showing the results.

We've collected 10 of the 50 maps below. The darker colors are areas where the artist is more popular, while the lighter areas are where they are less popular.



Justin Bieber

justin bieber

The Chainsmokerschainsmokers

The Weeknd

the weeknd

Luke Bryan

luke bryan

Ariana Grande

ariana grande





Katy Perry

katy perry

Taylor Swift

taylor swift

It kind of looks like the South doesn't listen to anyone except for Rihanna. Not even Luke Bryan, the country singer.

You can check out the rest of the maps over at The New York Times.


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