Here Are Preliminary Polling Results for Every Marijuana Ballot Initiative This November

In a little over a month, Americans will head to the voting booths to vote in a very important midterm election that will have major impact on control of Congress and the Donald Trump presidency. But there are also some very important marijuana initiatives being voted on as well, and the polls are definitely looking good.

Marijuana Business Daily put together all the available polling data to see how likely all the marijuana ballot initiatives are likely to pass this November. Here were the results.


The state of Utah is set to vote on a ballot initiative to legalize medical marijuana, and it's caused a lot of controversy. However, it also seems to be the most likely to pass. The average of 2018 polls shows that 70 percent of Utah voters support the initiative, so it will almost certainly pass.


Michigan is one of two states that will vote on legalizing recreational marijuana this November. And like in Utah, the results are definitely positive. The average of all polls show 54 percent of Michigan voters supporting the initiative with only 38 percent opposed. And there are actually a number of polls showing close to 60 percent support, so it seems likely Michigan will join the ranks of recreational states in just over a month.


Missouri is a little more complicated than the other states on this list. There are actually three different marijuana proposals on their ballot this November. One would simply make a new law that would allow people with a qualifying condition to purchase marijuana. Another would actually amend the state constitution to allow people to purchase medical marijuana with a qualifying condition, but would tax cannabis sales at 15 percent to support cancer research. And another constitutional amendment proposal would give doctors greater leeway when prescribing medical marijuana.

It isn't really clear which of the proposals, or if all of them will pass. But 54 percent of Missouri voters say they support amending the state constitution to legalize medical marijuana, and only 35 percent are against it. So it's likely one of these proposals will succeed this November.

North Dakota

North Dakota is the only state where the polls are not in favor of marijuana, but it's definitely not a lost cause. The state is voting on an initiative to legalize recreational marijuana, but currently only 42 percent support the initiative and 48 percent oppose it. However, there are 11 percent of voters who are undecided. So if the polls are a little off, and a good number of those undecideds end up voting for marijuana, then North Dakota may become a victory as well.

(h/t Marijuana Business Daily)


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