Poll Finds Most Doctors, Nurses and Pharmacists Support Legalizing Marijuana

Anti-marijuana advocates like to say that doctors and other medical professionals are against cannabis and warn that it has major health risks. But a new poll says that argument may not be valid.

A recent poll conducted by Medscape Medical News asked people in the healthcare industry whether or not they support marijuana legalization. 53 percent of physicians, 57 percent of nurses, 54 percent of pharmacists and 61 percent of psychologists all said they support recreational marijuana legalization. Those numbers increased by at least 10 or more points when they were asked if they support medical marijuana legalization.

Considering one of the biggest arguments against legalizing marijuana is that it's unsafe and people who use it are putting themselves in danger, you'd think that doctors and medical professionals would support that position. But clearly that isn't the case. It's even more clear that's not the case considering the vast majority of these doctors are ok with cannabis for medical use.

At a certain point anti-marijuana people need to question whether they're in the right. Even if doctors are saying it's ok to legalize marijuana, then who can you really say supports your position? It's basically just old people or people who are incredibly brainwashed by anti-marijuana PSAs.

(h/t Marijuana Moment)


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